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Blog August 18, 2017

Posted by Joanna Schlosser

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Developed for early stage entrepreneurs and career-changers, the Startup Basics Program supplies participants with the tools and resources needed to accelerate their idea to the next stage.

“We know that entrepreneurship can often seem daunting or intimidating to those first starting out.” says Jenna Stasuk, Program Coordinator at AO. “The Startup Basics Program was developed to arm early stage entrepreneurs with the tools and resources needed to accelerate.”

Startup Basics is a part of the Discovery Parks Technology Education Program, and this fall it will be hosted in collaboration with Westbank First Nation. Sessions are presented by Accelerate Okanagan Staff, Executive in Residence Mentors, Partners, and Alumni and are designed to support entrepreneurs through:


Access to Entrepreneurs In Residence (EIR) mentors, partners, and AO alumni during the program.


Targeted sessions provide structured content, tools, and follow up summaries to help educate tech and tech-enabled entrepreneurs about business and entrepreneurship best practices.


Sessions are delivered in a group setting where entrepreneurs meet each other, collaborate and learn together, and build lasting relationships to help each other out as they turn ideas into companies.


We are constantly iterating The Startup Basics Curriculum to meet the needs of our community. Here is a snapshot of what the course entails:

Session 1: Lessons Learned

Learn from Accelerate Okanagan Program Alumni who have been on the startup path for a while and have likely faced many of the same struggles as those attending this course. At this panel session, local startup founders will be sharing the lessons that they have learned along their journey and tips and tricks for the early stage entrepreneur.

Session 2: Getting Started

This introductory session will kick off Startup Basics with all you need to know about the startup ecosystem in the Okanagan. Accelerate Okanagan’s Community Manager; Alex Reid will take entrepreneurs through key tech & startup lingo, community resources & supports, and the various stages of funding for startups.

Session 3: Positioning Pro Tips

Are you getting lost trying to define your market? Accelerate Okanagan Executive in Residence (EiR) will help you find your way as you learn the 7 steps to building a successful positioning statement, and put what you learn into practice with real life examples.

Session 4: Legal & Accounting 101

There is no way to escape numbers or lawyers if you want to start a successful business. This session take-aways include budget & financing basics, due diligence checklist, overview of company structures, and a compilation of typical legal needs and costs.

Session 5: Business Building

Invent, innovate and ignite your idea into the start of a business with this session on the Business Model Canvas. This extensive session will have you planning the next step for your business idea and have you working through collaborative examples with other entrepreneurs in the room.

Session 6: Laws of Attraction

Customers are the most important investor a business can have. Finding your first one will be a breeze after this session where entrepreneurs will learn the best practices and cost of customer acquisition.

Session 7: Pitching Power

You have an amazing idea but do you know how to communicate that to potential customers or investors? AO EiR, visionary, and innovative executive; Larry Smith will take you through the key aspects of a successful pitch and have you practicing your new learned skills by the end of the session.

Think this program is right for you? Register now or contact us for more details.

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