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Blog September 9, 2019

Posted by Joanna Schlosser

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Improvements across complex health-care systems are established through building a culture of innovation and a community of collaboration. With this in mind, Accelerate Okanagan, BC Cancer, Interior Health, and The University of British Columbia (UBC) have joined forces to launch an annual Future of Health Forum for health researchers, clinicians, innovators, entrepreneurs, and members of the public to connect and exchange ideas.

This year, the Future of Health Forum will focus on cancer care and the patient journey. This inaugural event is an amazing opportunity for clinical and academic colleagues to share their perspectives on the complex problems facing the health-care system today and to engage the OKGNtech community and the community as a whole in developing innovative solutions.

Accelerate Okanagan, BC Cancer, Interior Health, and The University of British Columbia (UBC) are confident that this event will provide the opportunity for knowledge exchange and improve health outcomes for British Columbians. This event is not only an opportunity to showcase the innovative health research being conducted in the BC Interior but a chance to spark increased partnerships and collaborations within our community.

The Schedule

This forum was designed to foster connection and provide a platform for the exchange of ideas around research and innovations in cancer care. The schedule of events follows the patient journey from preventing and detecting the disease through to diagnosis and treatment to finding ways to support survivorship and a patients quality of life.

Plenary – Dr. Islam Mohammad: The Biology of Cancer

Track 1 – Prevention & Diagnosis 

Keynote – Dr. Connie Eaves

Track 2 – Therapy & Treatment 

Track 3 – Supportive & Palliative Care 

Reception – Cracking Cancer Screening 

The event will close with a reception and the screening of the CBC documentary Cracking Cancer produced by The Nature of Things. This documentary follows a group of patients with incurable cancer on a heartbreaking journey through a highly experimental clinical trial at the BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver called Personalized OncoGenomics (POG). 

Innovations and breakthroughs in complex health care systems occur when people and organizations work together. If you’re passionate about fueling innovation in healthcare, save yourself a seat and join us in building a better tomorrow. 

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