DOUBL Introduces First-to-Market Innovation In Bras

News March 25, 2024

Posted by Sara Scott

DOUBL Introduces First-to-Market Innovation In Bras Featured Image

DOUBL unveils an innovative solution to the age-old problem of ill-fitting bras with the introduction of the first made-to-measure bra that can be ordered and fitted directly from a smartphone, all from the comfort of one’s living room. After extensive research and speaking to thousands of women, DOUBL has uncovered a common truth: bras, as they currently exist, simply suck.

The standard sizes offered in the market, typically ranging from 32-42 with 2-inch increments and cup sizes A-DD/E, do not adequately cater to the diverse range of women’s bodies. To complicate matters, the inclusion of “sister sizes” adds unnecessary confusion. DOUBL is here to serve those who don’t neatly fit into these predetermined categories, as well as those who are entirely left out.

DOUBL employs cutting-edge technology to capture precise body measurements discreetly through a smartphone app. These measurements are used to generate a soft-body avatar that mirrors the shape and size of each customer’s breasts. The result? A perfectly fitted bra designed just for you. Customers can expect to receive their
personalized product a few weeks after ordering, without ever having to leave their homes.

“We are on a mission to provide comfort and convenience to all women,” says the team at DOUBL. “Our product is the answer for new moms who don’t have time for in- store fittings, for mature women tired of years of discomfort, and for anyone seeking a bra that truly fits. Let’s face it, who isn’t?”.

The official launch of DOUBL will take place through a Kickstarter campaign on April 30th 2024, inviting supporters to join the movement towards comfortable, custom-fit undergarments for all. For more information about DOUBL and its ground-breaking made-to-measure bra, visit

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