The Bright Side of Dark Fibre

Blog August 26, 2019

Posted by Kelsey Helm

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While the roads of Kelowna were being restored, another long term investment was being made. 36kms of fibre optic cable, laid beneath the city’s roadways, has become the foundation for Kelowna’s vast Dark Fibre network.

This network, which has plans to continue growing over the coming years, provides the businesses of Kelowna with a much needed solution to their network needs. The Dark Fibre network is a source for secure, high-speed connections that alternative networks cannot offer.

“Dark Fibre” is a term that refers to whether or not information is passing through the fibre optic cable. When you use a fibre optic cable, it transmits data using light pulses. So, if a fibre isn’t used, no light is passing through, and the cable goes “dark”.

The distinct security offered by Kelowna’s Dark Fibre network is a result of two factors. The first being its location. The fibre optic cables run beneath Kelowna’s roads, meaning they are less vulnerable to vandalism or accidents. Something that traditional telephone poles cannot boast.

The second source for Dark Fibre’s security is in how you actually take advantage of the network. When you use the network, you lease two strands of a fibre optic cable from the City of Kelowna. Because of this exclusivity, your company has complete control over what activity occurs within it. Being the only participants on the network, there is absolutely no limitation on how fast your data can transfer.

Businesses with multiple locations in Kelowna can speak to each other through the Dark Fibre network. They can do so online using their choice of an internet service provider, or offline using Dark Fibre as a closed network. Businesses can also connect their fibre optic strands to a data center, giving them the ability to communicate with organizations outside of the Okanagan or with files stored offsite.

Kelowna’s Dark Fibre network continues to grow. With that expansion comes more opportunities for companies to take advantage of this exciting technical asset.

 For more information on Dark Fibre, and to find out how you can connect to it, visit the City of Kelowna’s webpage Or directly connect directly with Kelsey Helm, City of Kelowna Dark Fibre Services.

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