Curatio Launches New Expert-Driven Podcast Series For Maintaining Health and Wellness

News August 7, 2020

Posted by Harrison Crerar

Curatio Launches New Expert-Driven Podcast Series For Maintaining Health and Wellness Featured Image

Vancouver, BC, August 7, 2020 – As part of its “No Patient Alone” mission, Canadian digital health company Curatio has officially launched a podcast covering a range of topical health and wellness matters, featuring renowned experts from around the globe.

The Curatio Connects podcast will host doctors, registered clinical counselors, yoga instructors, kinesiologists, psychotherapists and more, all covering issues that affect both the general and patient population. Listeners can hear experts address a range of timely and relevant topics such as how to better manage anxiety, maintain heart health, deal with grief, and take on the challenges of becoming a full-time caregiver during the pandemic.

“COVID-19 has resulted in the publication of thousands of advice pieces each day, which can be overwhelming for those looking for expert-sourced content”, states Curatio CEO Lynda Brown-Ganzert. “It’s our hope that the Curatio Connects podcast will provide both comfort and act as a source for reliable, validated expert content for those who are still very much experiencing the effects of the pandemic”.

While the first episodes (listed below) are specifically related to the COVID-19 pandemic, listeners can expect the Curatio Connects podcast to relevant health and wellness topics specifically curated for the general and patient population as the schedule heads into fall and 2021.

Curatio Connects is available within the Curatio app (available on iOS and Android). Listeners can also subscribe at Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and Spotify.

Upcoming Episodes

  • August 4th – Ways of Keeping up a Healthy Lifestyle during the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Expert Guest: Dr. Scott Lear, Professor of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University
    Listen here
  • August 11th – Practical Tools and Tips to Help Reduce Anxiety During the COVID- 19 Pandemic
    Expert Guest: Lisa Ann Butcher, a registered clinical counselor with a particular interest in emotional regulation, chronic pain and treating post-traumatic stress in both children and adults
  • August 18th – Meeting the Challenge of Becoming a Full-Time Caregiver
    Expert Guest: Tanya Yarkoni knows firsthand what it means to face the challenge of suddenly becoming a full-time caregiver during COVID-19
  • August 25th – Dealing with Grief while Social Distancing
    Expert Guest: Emma Payne, founder of
  • September 1st – Managing Stress and Anxiety
    Expert Guest: Madeleine Eames is a psychotherapist who specializes in anxiety, trauma and chronic pain
  • September 8th – The Basics of Yoga and How to Reset Yourself
    Expert Guest: Biddy Messchaert, a certified yoga instructor from Delft, the Netherlands
  • September 15th – The Science of Exercise and Body Movement
    Expert Guest: Marianne Vipond, a kinesiologist working in Montreal
  • September 22nd – Maintaining Your Heart Health During the Pandemic
    Expert Guest: Agnes Cartier, founder of the West Island Cardiac Wellness Program and the manager of the Heart Community for Curatio
  • September 29th – Pre-Surgery Patient Optimization, or Pre-Hab
    Expert Guest: Dr. Michelle Scheepers, an anesthesiologist based in Penticton, British Columbia and the physician lead for the Surgical Patient Optimization Collaborative in Penticton

In addition to the podcast, Curatio has also launched the Stronger Together app in response to COVID-19. Stronger Together is designed to offer support groups for seniors, caregivers, those living with a chronic or rare condition, those living with a disability, heart matters, Thalassemia, Multiple Sclerosis, expectant parents and those diagnosed with COVID-19 and is now available for download on Android and iOS

For further information about Curatio, Curatio Connects or the Stronger Together app please visit For interview or media inquiries please contact Valerie Stachurski at, 416-520-9504.

About Curatio:

Curatio enables payers, providers, researchers and pharmaceutical manufacturers to compliantly engage with patients on their own social networks. Curatio provides a private, secure social network platform that uses proprietary algorithms, AI and machine learning to match patients to the peer support, programs and daily management tools that help them live their healthiest lives. Used in 102 countries, available in 20 languages, Curatio has won numerous awards for its unique technical solution and its mission of No Patient Alone.

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