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News September 15, 2023

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[Kelowna BC, Sept 14, 2023] –, a leading technology company focused on predicting failures on transmission towers and eliminating related black-outs, wildfires, and grid inefficiencies, is proud to announce its official launch and introduction to the market. Founded in May 2022, has already filed provisional patents and is working with customers piloting its technology.’s mission is to provide real-time automated monitoring and insights into a customer’s infrastructure, ultimately reducing downtime, improving reliability, and contributing to a greener and more sustainable energy infrastructure. With the lack of real-time data on power lines being a significant problem in the industry,’s remote sensing technology aims to revolutionize the way utilities monitor electrical discharge levels.

Unlike traditional methods that require human line-of-sight assessment,’s devices are installed on power poles to monitor for electrical discharge to then identify or predict multiple issues. By collecting data and notifying customers of potential risks of equipment failure and wildfires, AI solution provides accurate real-time information about issue location, duration, and risk level. Over time, the data compiled by gives customers valuable insights and predictions, enabling them to proactively address potential problems.

“A high percentage of maintenance costs and wildfires in the power industry are attributed to electrical discharge,” says Eric Miller, President and Co-Founder, “’s real-time monitoring and predictive capabilities have the potential to significantly reduce these costs and improve overall infrastructure reliability.”

Leading the team is President and Co-Founder Eric Miller, a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record of growing companies and delivering projects worth over $300M. With his expertise in engineering, infrastructure, and innovation, Miller is well-positioned to drive’s success in the utility sector.

Joining Miller are Co-Founders David Loydon, Head of Operations, and Brittany Courvoisier-Nicol, Head of Product. Loydon brings extensive experience in designing standard operating procedures and ensuring regulatory compliance, while Courvoisier-Nicol excels in delivering effective solutions that delight customers through her expertise in product development and working with cross-functional teams.

As launches into the market, the company aims to address the challenges faced by utilities and provide innovative solutions to reduce downtime and improve the reliability of infrastructure. With their groundbreaking remote sensing technology, is set to make a significant impact on the utility sector and contribute to a more sustainable energy future.

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About is a leading innovator in the utility sector, specializing in line sensing technology. The company’s mission is to revolutionize the industry by providing utilities with real-time data on electrical discharge and predictive insights to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall performance.  By accurately detecting and monitoring power lines,’s groundbreaking technology empowers utilities to proactively address potential issues and create a more reliable and sustainable future. For more information, please visit

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