Company Spotlight: Yeti Farm Creative

Blog November 27, 2017

Posted by Joanna Schlosser

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Yeti Farm Creative is a Kelowna-based 2D and 3D animation studio. Not only does this agency create its own line-up of original shows, they also partner with some of the best in the biz on other top-notch animated productions. We recently caught up with Co-founder and CEO, Ashley Ramsay to talk new projects, powerful partnerships, and the importance of dreaming big.

Q. Why do you love working for Yeti Farm?

A. Quite simply, Yeti inspires kids by creating better stories for children through world-class animation and top-notch talent—who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?! This is a creative environment that nurtures the talents of its many amazing artists. We believe in creativity, dreaming big, always learning, having gratitude, working hard, and playing even harder.

Q. Can you speak to the size of your team and the growth you have experienced over the last 2-5 years?

A. Between 2014 and 2016, Yeti Farm grew exponentially, from a staff of 5 to over 50 people. We will also be adding another team over the next few months for an exciting, high-profile show. Our portfolio has grown as well, with the launch of two original digital-first productions: Sweet Tweets and Kick Flip. We also have a property in development with Amazon, slated to commence production in early 2018.

Q. How do you ensure your new hires are the right fit for your current team?

A. We use a team approach to hiring by involving operations, human resources and our creative team in the screening and interview process. This collaborative process ensures a well-rounded insight into applicants. A demo reel of past work speaks volumes. 

Q. Can you describe your company culture?

A. The heart of Yeti culture – our mission – revolves around the desire to create better stories. We want our employees to enjoy creating shows as much as our audience likes to watch them, and we strive to offer an environment that promotes this. As a result, our culture is focused on nurturing creativity, inspiration, fun, teamwork, and the constant desire to learn and grow.

We ensure there are opportunities for learning and exploration of artistic passion, through Life Drawing Classes, workshops held by industry veterans, and development nights where staff can share their own designs, concepts for shows, etc., and receive coaching and feedback for them.  The company culture of fun is fueled by events that support a diverse group of employee interests including staff parties, movie nights, mid-day ice-cream breaks, picnics, and pancake breakfasts — to name a few. A staff-led social committee attempts to find a blend of social activities to encourage fun and teamwork for all. 

Our beautiful, state-of-the-art, modern, open-concept studio, has lots of space and natural light, a gourmet kitchen, funky lounge areas, gaming spots and a killer roof-top patio. Our open-door policy adds to our culture as well; we have regular staff meetups to share information on new shows and projects, we encourage ideas and creative insight from our staff and provide a wide variety of opportunities for movement to new positions and productions. The environment is quite non-hierarchical – staff feel equally comfortable talking to the owners, management team, fellow animators, cleaning staff or office dog! 

Q. What do you see for the future of your company?  What are the most exciting projects that you are working on?

A. Our vision is to become the leading North-American mid-size animation studio by using innovative pipelines and the pursuit of ambitious, distinctive intellectual property. We are also very excited about the launch of several of our own of our own IP’s, including recently green-lit KickFlip. This blend of animated and live action series features high-profile female athletes from the pro skateboarding circuit. The series will follow the athletes’ real-life stories, covering topics like grit and perseverance, while weaving in fun, comedic animated sequences. 

Currently, Yeti Farm Creative is looking to fill the following positions:

  1. Designer

  2. Animator

  3. Layout Artist

  4. Technical Director

To learn more about this local success story, find them online or connect with them at our one of our upcoming events.

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