Company Spotlight: Data Nerds

Blog February 1, 2018

Posted by Joanna Schlosser

Data Nerds is an energetic and dynamic tech company with headquarters in Kelowna. This team is hardworking, data-driven and always up for a game of ping pong. These self-proclaimed nerds are not afraid to take a beach day and also have a lot of love for their office dogs. We recently caught up with Chief Data Nerd and Accelerate Okanagan board member, Josh Fraser live from Las Vegas to learn more about their expansion goals, current openings, and the serious party plans.

Q. What was the inspiration behind starting Data Nerds and why have you been so successful?

A. I think I’ve always had some sort of entrepreneurial fire in me and I was lucky enough to have amazing mentors from a very young age. Although I got my start in digital advertising, I always had a desire to build a product. I knew I wanted to build something cool and I wanted to hang out with great smart people. I’m also a driven person and I knew I wanted my work life to involve a thriving learning environment.  

I hired Evan Macintosh, my best friend and Software Engineer and he really helped to structure the company. Once we had a solid foundation in place more and more brilliant people started to join the team and now we’ve started aggregating data from thousands of counties and standardising that. We then sell this data to enterprises. I am on high growth learning curve and you know that hasn’t stopped yet.

Q. Why do you love working for Data Nerds?

A. The Data Nerds team is amazing. I actually love going to work every day! There are so many smart minds working on this massive problem (hundreds of millions of homes across North America and the world) and we have the opportunity to capture that data and help people make sound real estate investments. I always tell people that growing up all the wealthiest people I had ever met had real estate portfolios.

Q. What is it like to work for Data Nerds? Can you describe your company culture?

A. Work hard, play hard is a real thing with us. I try really hard to encourage conversation whether it’s easy or hard or just fun. We try and make it a playful environment that promotes a lot of creativity in our office. My favourite part of going to work is that there are so many brilliant people that I get to work with every single day with a vast amount of knowledge. It’s a lot of fun to see all that brain power in action.

There’s always a French press made somewhere in the office and Brian always has a fresh pot of some tea you probably can’t pronounce (I think soo-chon-lu-pang was the last one I tried).  We encourage everyone to do stand-ups.and in the engineering department we do weekly planning on Monday. There’s always foosball, VR, we have team lunches.

Q. What else are you looking for in an applicant?

A. We are hiring software engineers, data scientists, digital advertising specialists right now. We are also looking for people who have had experience with venture-backed companies. I know that this is not common in the Okanagan but we are expanding to the US by the end of this year.

Q. What benefits do you offer that you find the most enticing for new employees?

A. Good question! We have a moving bonus, employee stock option plans, Friday lunches, and a fully stocked kitchen. Everyone has stand-up desks and we have a ton of games (2 ping pong tables, a foosball table, air hockey table, pool tables, a new dart board and a VR room). Our team also takes time to celebrate success and practice gratitude, so there are lots of good vibes floating through the office.

We are always planning fun events that we encourage our employees to attend. This month we are also hosting Startup drinks in collaboration with Accelerate Okanagan which will take place on February 23rd. Last October we threw an amazing Halloween party with Strawhouse Labs. There is also opportunities to travel the US, access mentorship, and plug into the Techstars network.

Currently, Data Nerds is looking to fill four specific roles:

Director of Digital Marketing 

Software Engineer 

Director of Social Media 

Executive Assistant 

To learn more about this local success story, find them online or connect with them at Startup Drinks (parties at their place!).

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