Carbon Counts Takes on Climate Change with Innovative Play-to-Plant™ Mobile Game

News September 7, 2022

Posted by Sara Scott

Carbon Counts Takes on Climate Change with Innovative Play-to-Plant™ Mobile Game Featured Image

Carbon Counts Raises $7M to Harness the Power of Play, People, and Technology to Make a World-Changing, Consumer-Focused Impact on Climate Change

Today, Carbon Counts officially announced its innovative game company to take on climate change using the power of play, people and technology. To engage and inspire tens of millions of people globally, Carbon Counts and its team of top talent have developed EverForest™, an innovative “Play-to-Plant™” mobile game that combines proven mechanics with immersive real-world engagement that will plant 100M real trees all over the world by 2025.

Adding to the $2.5M in pre-seed capital raised in 2021, the company has now raised an additional $4.5M in seed funding led by Borderless Capital, Algorand, and the Algorand Foundation, with participation from the Grantham Environmental Trust, Susquehanna Foundation, Oceans Ventures, Winklevoss Capital, Capital Factory, and others. The funds will go toward further building out its world-class team to launch EverForest globally over the next year.

The United Nations says that out of 18 different critical climate change issues, people agree that conservation of forest and land is the world’s biggest concern because deforestation has a massive, global impact on everything from air, soil, water quality, food, and more for billions of people. Carbon Counts believes that the world’s most urgent problem, climate change, can be addressed using the world’s most engaging platform, mobile gaming.

“Worldwide, the vast majority of people care deeply about climate change, but feel powerless to do anything about it. At Carbon Counts, we are harnessing the power of play to enable each person to make a small difference such that in aggregate we all can create transformative impact,” said Michael Libenson, co-founder and CEO of Carbon Counts. “Our team has created some of the world’s most successful mobile games. Now, we’re combining proven mechanics with an immersive story to deliver a magical experience that transcends the screen and impacts the real-world.”

With Carbon Counts’ first game, EverForest, players and their friends, families, and communities escape into the wonder of nature to grow flourishing forests together— in-game and in the real world. Inside EverForest, players will discover mysteries and secrets behind every tree (and banana slug!) as they unlock, grow, and interact with a vast array of beautiful trees, amazing plants, funny animal characters and more. As players progress through the story-rich game, Carbon Counts will plant trees on their behalf in real life EverForest projects through exceptional partners like Eden Reforestation Projects and EarthLungs Reforestation Projects.

“The Carbon Counts team has the perfect storm of gaming, entrepreneurial, and conservation expertise and is creating something that is going to change the world” said David Garcia, Managing Partner of Borderless Capital. “We’re proud to help bring sustainable Algorand blockchain technology to further enable the team as they journey to use the power of playing and planting to help address the climate crisis.”

“Innovation in a huge range of industries will be key to helping solve a complex problem like climate change. The team at Carbon Counts is empowering anyone, anywhere to have real climate impact through entertainment,” said Kevin Tidwell of the Grantham Environmental Trust.  “We are incredibly excited to support the team at Carbon Counts in our shared goal of creating a more sustainable world.”

To create a purpose-driven game that is fun, and has a real and long-lasting impact on the Earth, Carbon Counts has assembled a team that has created some of the top games in the world at companies like The Walt Disney Company, EA, and Kabam. Carbon Counts’ Chief Impact Officer, Nicole Rustad, previously led corporate citizenship at Disney Interactive and created viral initiatives that encouraged hundreds of millions of people across 190 countries to make an impact on the world through play.

“After 15 years of working in corporate social responsibility harnessing technology to tackle global problems, I’ve learned that planting a tree is just one step in a very complex process to address climate change,” says Nicole Rustad, Chief Impact Officer at Carbon Counts. “We’re working with the best partners across the globe to make sure our nature-based solutions are sustainable and thoughtful. It’s easy to plant a tree; it’s hard to grow a forest. Our reforestation efforts will help build resilient communities and strengthen families. Ultimately, on an individual level, every player can make a considerable impact.”

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About Carbon Counts

Carbon Counts is on a bold mission to motivate tens of millions of people to take individual and collective action to positively impact climate change by learning how to protect the planet and by planting 100M trees by 2025. Its first mobile game, titled “EverForest™”, is a Play-to-Plant™ adventure that will have an engaged, global community of players grow flourishing forests in-game—and in the real-world, too. EverForest brings together engaging game mechanics and a rich story with outstanding tree-planting partners to create a brand new kind of game experience where people play, Carbon Counts plants trees on their behalf, and the whole world prospers.

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