Big Bear Software Announces New West Kelowna Shared Office Space

News March 2, 2020

Posted by Harrison Crerar

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In Spring 2020, Big Bear Software will be launching the opening of a new shared professional workspace in West Kelowna. Located on the top floor with stunning lake and mountain views at #305, 1979 Old Okanagan Highway, the new space will serve as a collaborative work environment for businesses and as a new location for Big Bear.

Big Bear Software’s community-minded focus has played a significant role in facilitating their rapid growth in the past two years. As their presence continues to expand with offices in Penticton and Calgary, establishing a centrally located Okanagan location will facilitate new opportunities for partnership and provide new ways to serve the local area.


The Okanagan continues to grow at a steady pace. “West Kelowna now has a population of 45,000 people with over 1500 remote workers. Yet until now, there has been no collaborative work environment or shared event and meeting space. This space will serve as a location for people to come together and host events beyond just technology so they can better serve their audiences in ways that matter.” ​-Keith MacIntyre, CEO, Big Bear Software

And as the Kelowna core continues to densify, a spacious office space minutes from downtown with free, abundant parking will provide a viable alternative to people working north of the bridge as well.

Furthermore, many large companies have numerous West Kelowna employees and clients who are currently travelling to Kelowna daily to conduct business and host meetings. This new space has two boardrooms designated as shared meeting spots that can be booked in advance an unlimited number of times per month.

Working off of these connections and this momentum makes creating a shared workspace in the Okanagan natural. Keith adds, “These combined efforts also illustrate to our clients that our values lie beyond just profits. And as employees continue to value well-being more and more, not just for themselves, but for the world in which they live in, becoming more mindful of bettering our communities helps attract like-minded team members as well.”


We learned from our shared space in Penticton the value of community and collaboration. Keith mentions, “The Penticton Smart Cities Challenge would never have happened without the diverse group of people working in the same space. Land developers, branding experts, artists, marketing consultants, artists and tech companies came together to create a community initiative that changed the future of Penticton and the Okanagan. New businesses were created, partnerships were formed. I’m excited to see what this space will do to change the Okanagan.”

One of the most important aspects of creating this new space lies in honouring our late landlord, Noll Derriksan. Derriksan was an innovative thinker, artist, and former Grand Chief of the Westbank First Nation who worked tirelessly to improve indigenous peoples’ rights in the Okanagan and beyond. It is Big Bear’s goal to use the space for more than building software, but to help create community and find solutions to local problems for the benefit of us all.

If you’re interested in viewing the space, Big Bear will be hosting an ​Open House​, Friday, March 6th.

To learn more about renting space ​contact​ Big Bear Software.

About Big Bear Software:

Big Bear Software​ is headquartered in Penticton, BC with offices throughout Western Canada including Calgary, West Kelowna and Penticton. Big Bear Software has been providing custom software solutions for over 16 years. From custom web development and design to enterprise applications revolutionizing entire industries, our clients continue to work with us because of our commitment to quality, efficiency and great software. Our experience spans many industries including Medical, Logistics, Defense, IoT, Manufacturing and Smart Cities.

About Shared Professional Office Spaces:

Unlike co-working spaces that rent individual desks, shared office environments allow businesses to rent sections of space, typically organized by tables or groups of desks. This model allows for flexibility for business owners who have employees that work remotely from time to time or who see their staff numbers fluctuate as they grow. Renting to small business owners promotes an atmosphere of hard-work while still fostering an environment of diversity and collaboration.

Press Contact:

Keith MacIntyre, CEO, Big Bear Software 250.809.6908

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