BC Edtech Startup Bringing Place-based Online Education to Schools Across the Province

News June 14, 2022

Posted by Harrison Crerar

BC Edtech Startup Bringing Place-based Online Education to Schools Across the Province Featured Image

All BC public schools will be able to access Live It Earth’s bilingual, place-based online education programming, thanks to an agreement with Focused Education Resources.

Nelson, BC – Jun 14, 2022 — Kids across British Columbia will soon have a new open-source of learning and inspiration that will help them grow up to become the future stewards of our communities and lands.

With the participation of the Government of Canada and the Ministry of Education of British Columbia, a new agreement between Nelson-based Live It Earth and Focused Education Resources (Focused ED) will enable public schools across the province to access hundreds of hours of bilingual, place-based online education programming.

As of July 2022, K-7 schools across British Columbia that are members of Focused ED will have full access to Live It Earth’s cross-curricular, hybrid learning programming.

“We’re excited to bring this learning opportunity to BC teachers and students,” Kelly Pollack, Executive Director for Focused ED. “Live It Earth is a visually-rich, place-based and BC-created resource that incorporates Indigenous perspectives and is available in both English and French.”

“This agreement with Focused ED is big news for BC schools that are seeking better hybrid learning resources for classrooms,” adds Live It Earth CEO, Melissa Welsh. “Teachers who are using Live It Earth are telling us that our programs and resources are putting a spark into their classrooms. So we’re thrilled that every K-7 public school teacher in British Columbia will soon have full access to our learning library!”

The Live It Earth Library features more than 20 programs about topics ranging from climate change to marine life, old-growth forests and more. Along with a signature half-hour feature show, each program includes teacher resources designed to inspire learning, both inside and outside the classroom. All resources are natively bilingual, with separate English and French versions.

Each month, Live It Earth premieres a new program that includes students directly, with calls to submit artwork and Live Q&As with subject matter experts.

“Our programming is designed to help teachers spark inquiry in their students and inspire learning that connects to the core competencies at the heart of the new BC education curriculum,” adds Live It Earth Director of Education, David Russell-Loewen.

“I’m excited to be collaborating with teachers across British Columbia to deliver our resources to their classrooms and students.”

BC teachers and educators can learn more and access Live It Earth here.

To learn more about Live It Earth, visit www.liveit.earth. If you’d like to try it for yourself, you can sign up for a free trial anytime!

About Live It Earth

Live It Earth is the Canadian hybrid learning library that puts a spark in classrooms with engaging, place-based programs and hybrid learning resources. Our growing library features hundreds of hours of programming, learning resources and education challenges. They’re all designed to deeply engage students and make life easier for teachers.

About Focused ED

Focused Education Resources is a not-for-profit, shared services organization created to fulfill a mission of supporting excellence in K-12 education in British Columbia. Our role is to build capacity and advance education for school districts, independent and First Nations schools, other stakeholders, and partners, and ultimately students.

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