The Bananatag Startup Story

Blog September 15, 2017

Posted by Joanna Schlosser

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Accelerate Okanagan (AO) exists to give new and growing technology-driven businesses the mentorship, connections, and community they need to thrive. As the Okanagan tech community and companies within it continue to grow, so does AO support model. Coined ‘Continuous Acceleration,’ AO delivers unique programming for different stages of growth.

The team at Bananatag have been part of the Okanagan tech community and participants in the AO programs since 2012. Corey, Isaac, and Chris are a group of young, innovative founders who understand the value our team of executives-in-residence and industry experts have to offer.

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Regardless of an entrepreneur’s experience or stage of company development, having a mentor to help navigate the entrepreneurial journey is key. Accelerate Okanagan works with a diverse team of executives in residence (EIRs) to help local entrepreneurs. Our accomplished team of EIRs have experience starting, growing, running, and selling companies. Coaching entrepreneurs are their way of giving back to the community that supported their success.

 “Mentorship is a key part of an ecosystem and growing a company, no matter what stage you’re at.” says Greer. “This happens from seasoned mentors like EIRs but it also happens from other peers, professionals, and service providers. It takes a community to build a company.”

Throughout their own continuous acceleration, the Banananatag team have learned to innovate, pivot, and celebrated success. Here’s a glimpse into their startup journey.

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To learn more about continuous acceleration options, contact our programs team. 

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