Bananatag announces game-changing new features for better employee communication in large companies

News May 28, 2020

Posted by Harrison Crerar

Bananatag announces game-changing new features for better employee communication in large companies Featured Image

VANCOUVER, May 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ – Bananatag, the employee email solution used by 550 brands worldwide, announced today a slate of new and upcoming features making it the most collaborative internal email designer on the market. The tech company also announced new integrations for sending and scheduling messages from Microsoft Teams and Slack–letting organizations manage their multichannel internal communications from a single platform.


“The global events of 2020 underscored the importance of providing timely and accurate information to employees,” said Bananatag CEO Corey Wagner. “Now more than ever, leaders are realizing how essential it is that they are equipped to reach the right employees with the right message at the right time–especially during a crisis, when seconds matter.”

Bananatag’s new collaboration features bring real-time editing, similar to the functionality Google Docs is known for, to the world of employee email. Users can see who else is editing, what they’re working on, and add comments–live–within the email designer. Bananatag also supports version history, letting users easily switch between current and previous versions of their email. These features are ideal for HR and Communications teams that need to collaborate quickly to disseminate timely, branded, measurable emails. With this update, no matter who in the organization is crafting employee communications, users have the access they need to build and get approval on employee communication, while dramatically cutting down their production time.

Bananatag’s new Microsoft Teams and Slack integrations represent another significant transformation for the company, bringing a multichannel experience to their popular email platform. Users can select the best channel for their messages, whether that’s an email distribution list or a particular channel on a chat platform. This joins Bananatag’s current integrations which include the ability to design and send measurable, on-brand employee communication directly from Outlook or Gmail.
These new features are already being rolled out on select Bananatag plans, and are available for anyone to demo now.

To find out more about Bananatag’s new collaboration features and chat integrations, visit

About Bananatag

Bananatag is the platform built for Communications and HR teams in large organizations to reach thousands of employees with modern, measurable employee communications. Used by over 550 companies around the world–such as IKEA, Samsung, & HR Block–Bananatag lets users collaborate to design, distribute, and measure email communication, as well as send and schedule messages on Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Bananatag’s mission is To make meaningful internal communication easy.

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