Bananatag and Staffbase Merge to Create the World’s Largest Internal Communications Company

News March 4, 2021

Posted by Sara Scott

Bananatag and Staffbase Merge to Create the World’s Largest Internal Communications Company Featured Image

Bananatag and Staffbase have merged, becoming the global leader in internal communication technology. Under the Staffbase brand, the new joint company serves 1,000+ customers through 450 employees at 11 global locations.

Together, Bananatag and Staffbase will use their experience working with a combined 1,000 customers to realize the vision of creating the world’s first integrated, one-stop-shop platform for internal communications professionals. From content creation, to design, to distribution and measurement, the new Staffbase will empower brands to deliver timely, impactful communication to their employees.

Bananatag’s strong customer base in North America will accelerate Staffbase’s growth ambitions in the region. The company will now serve customers with a total of 450 employees in 11 global locations–including Vancouver, Kelowna, New York, London, Amsterdam, and locations across Germany.

In the past two years, Bananatag has been recognized for its rapid growth and innovation, most recently being named to Deloitte’s North American Fast 500 list.

“This is an amazing day for Bananatag,” said Bananatag CEO and Co-founder Corey Wagner. “Our people are incredibly proud of the brand we’ve built and the many customers we have the privilege of serving. We couldn’t be more excited to take this giant leap forward for our customers and the internal communication field.”

The joint company under the Staffbase brand becomes the biggest in team size, revenue, and the fastest growing provider for internal communication software on the market.

“Both teams have been about more than just providing the best software. Both deeply care about internal communications. Together we have the thought leadership, the size, and the traction to really make a difference globally. To me, this is a very exciting mission to be part of,” said  Staffbase CEO and Co-founder Martin Böhringer.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has revealed how pivotal strategic internal communication is, as companies realized they needed to reach all employees with accurate information in a fast, secure and measurable way.

Bananatag and Staffbase believe that effective internal communication should be easy, measurable, and help unite companies–today more than ever.

With this partnership, Bananatag and Staffbase will close the loop to their shared vision of creating a true end-to-end employee communication platform. For now, customers will continue using their trusted providers, but will eventually have access to a fully integrated multichannel internal communication platform.

Bananatag was founded in Kelowna in 2012 and is a long-standing member of Accelerate Okanagan and program alumni. For more information on Bananatag and their #OKGNtech success story click here

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