AUTONOMIC Launches Early Access for Private Beta Giving High-achievers an Opportunity to Kick-off 2022 With Neuroscience

News January 5, 2022

Posted by Harrison Crerar

AUTONOMIC Launches Early Access for Private Beta Giving High-achievers an Opportunity to Kick-off 2022 With Neuroscience Featured Image

KELOWNA BC, December 22nd, 2021 – Autonomic Technologies Inc. (“the Company or “Autonomic”), announced today the launch of a private beta for its neuroscience as a service (NaaS) performance tool.

Autonomic is a unique, highly personalized neuroscience-based training software for high-achievers in startups & SMBs to improve their wellbeing and performance in demanding environments. The Company focuses on supercharging the cognitive performance of founders, executives, and knowledge workers with its personalized habit training software solution. Autonomic provides both individuals and teams a human-machine solution at scale with dashboards that track key metrics and provide insights to understand how behavior influences their performance.

“We are making bleeding edge neuroscience available via a simple daily solution to train high-achievers to excel in high-demand environments. We give people the edge they need without it being a drain on their time.  Our mission is to elevate the human potential of people in demanding environments, creating a happier, healthier, and more aware humanity, we believe we can do this through neuroscience performance training,” says Jamie Wood, Founder & CEO of Autonomic.

Preliminary studies show that the Autonomic program resulted in a 10% increase in overall brain health & performance; focus, working memory, and brain fatigue reduction exhibited some of the largest changes in scores between pre-test and post-test brain scans over a four week term. Autonomic will engage in a larger-scale study early 2022. As Autonomic opens a limited number of seats for the new year, this will be the first time Autonomic’s software is made available across North America.  Previous product offerings have focused on Okanagan cohorts including MSA-UBCO, Vejii, Strawhouse, and numerous up and coming entrepreneurs.

“Being a science-first company, proving efficacy is a big deal for us. I’m pumped we are here, and the timing couldn’t be better. The team has been working hard, our research is next level, and our partnerships are with some of the most innovative brain health tech companies in North America. We have so much coming down the pipe in 2022 to take brain health into the future.”

Autonomic’s solution solves the problem SMBs come up against when it comes to the majority of employee training available: they are ineffective and do not stick.  Companies currently spend billions of dollars annually on training that is quickly forgotten.

Entrepreneurial and SMB activity has skyrocketed during the pandemic.  In Canada 11 companies are founded per hour. In the States 4.54 million new businesses have been registered between January to October 2021 alone.

Autonomic is poised to be the “go-to” brand for scientific high-performance training.

About Autonomic

Headquartered in Kelowna B.C Autonomic is cognitive performance software solution for individuals and teams. The platform offers customized training programs, content library, access to a human performance coach, science videos, insights and trends.

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