Accelerate Okanagan Instagram Story Takeover Explained

Blog July 27, 2018

Posted by Eryca

Accelerate Okanagan Instagram Story Takeover Explained Featured Image

Sharing is caring. And this summer we wanted to give you a behind the scenes look at OKGNtech! If you have been following along, you’ll know each week a different OKGNtech company has been taking over our Instagram Stories (@accelerateokanagan). These takeovers are an opportunity for our followers to see what local entrepreneurs, employees, and cheerleaders get up to on the daily.

Not sure what Instagram Stories are all about? It’s a feature on Instagram that lets users post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours. If you are looking for them in the app, you’ll find them in a bar at the top of your feed.Krista _ Board Presentation.png

We kicked off our takeover project with Bananatag and used an Accelerate Okanagan beach ball as the baton. Once Bananatag had the beachball, they had the power… and by power, we mean the password to the Accelerate Okanagan Instagram account.

NO rules, No restrictions, ALL Access.

When the week was up (and it was a fun week), Bananatag was in charge of nominating the next company and passing the baton/beach ball.

Here is a look at some of the companies featured so far:  


Bananatag set the takeover bar high. Let’s just say there were a lot of dogs, donuts, and dance moves. Carly Malchuk, Account Executive, embraced the challenge and made plan for the week’s content. Here’s a look…


Bananatag offers email design and measurement tools for teams and corporations of all sizes. With a strong focus on Internal Communications, they provide professional communicators a way to increase employee engagement and the design of their internal emails. They have two offices, one here in Kelowna as well as a second office in Vancouver. Also, they’re hiring so don’t be shy about connecting.

Acro Media

Acro Media was passed the ball and Matt Ferguson, Account Manager, took control. Matt gave us an insider look at a week in the life at Acro Media. A few highlights from the week: Standing desks, ping pong tourneys, and Wednesday night softball.

Acro Media is a 70+ person team based in Kelowna, BC. They develop eCommerce sites and systems using the open source platform, Drupal Commerce. Acro Media becomes a partner to clients, working hand in hand to break the traditional barriers of online retail and allowing for true ownership, adaptability, and connectivity to provide limitless experiences to shoppers and businesses online.

Nine Rising

Kathleen MacKinnon, CEO of Nine Rising, currently has possession of the beachball and that means she’s got the power (Que SNAP! Lyrics “I’ve got the power”). A few highlights from this week have been – Kathleen’s famous “car talks”, some serious knowledge around pronouns and business cards, and her adorable dog Franklin.


Nine Rising exists to educate our communities on inclusivity. They create brave spaces to implement new strategies for social awareness in a productive environment. Their programs address the evolving landscape of social change in a practical and informative fashion, using knowledge to motivate growth.

Are you wondering how you can get involved? It’s simple. Get the ball…get the power.

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