5 Things We Learned from NYKO 2020

Blog January 21, 2020

Posted by Harrison Crerar

5 Things We Learned from NYKO 2020 Featured Image

On January 9, 2020, Accelerate Okanagan hosted the 9th annual New Year Kick Off at BNA Brewing. This Ultra-Canadian Chalet Soiree played host to over 450 OKGNtech entrepreneurs, investors, supporters, and cheerleaders.  Good times were had, memories were made, and our team was reminded that not only is the OKGNtech community brimming with dreamers and risk-takers committed to building the future, it is also a collective of fun-loving, dance machines.

Before we file this year’s New Year Kick Off away, we took the time to reflect on what makes this flagship event such an important part of our community-building effort and what made the 2020 edition a night to remember.

1. You can never have too much Hip

This was the first year that we brought a live band to BNA. The Hip Replacements, BC’s premiere Tragically Hip cover band, introduced an infectious energy to the dance floor that was difficult for our Canadian hearts to resist.


2. The world needs more Canada

Apres-ski style, plaid, and denim were out in full force. Everywhere you looked, someone was flaunting some glorious, strong and free fashion. Something tells us we didn’t have to twist anyone’s arm to sport those outfits. And how ‘bout that poutine, eh?


3. We all secretly want to be models

Shout out to Kimmitt Wrzesniewski for continuing to sponsor the photo booth! No one at this party could resist trading in bashful, business-casual for some glamorous inner supermodel.


4. BNA made bowling cool again

Some vintage marquee signs, velvet couches, and a few Big Lebowski references for good measure, and bam! 10 pin is back. But, you know, that’s just, like, our opinion, man.


5. Our sponsors understand the value of a good party

A BIG Canadian thank you to Kimmitt Wrzesniewski, Pela, Estated, Osler, Farris, the Law Office of S. Grynwajc, RBC, Innov8, Strawhouse, Deloitte, and CIBC for providing the fuel for us to put on the best NYKO yet!


You can check out more of the New Year Kick Off action here.

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