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Xoxoday Compass: Get a 20% off your first year’s subscription up to $26k for 500 employees and $100 in reward credits. Schedule a demo with our engagement expert to claim the offer and get a free Compass tour.


Nreach Online Services Pvt Ltd

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All Companies


February 1, 2024


Xoxoday Compass: Compass is a holistic sales incentive management software that reduces incentive compensation hassles through gamification and automation. Category: Sales Gamification, sales incentives, sales commission, sales compensation Description: Compass is a sales incentive management software that lets you manage and automate sales incentive programs, from launching incentive plans to calculating and disbursing incentives. It enables businesses to motivate sales reps with real-time visibility into performance, commission information, and on-time payouts. Xoxoday Compass is the most user-friendly gamification software to accelerate sales engines. Standout Features : 
  • Save time by eliminating the hassles of using lengthy spreadsheets or managing complex sales commissions. No coding is required.
  • Define sales targets and automate incentive calculations and disbursals based on one-time or recurring achievements without errors or delays.
  • Ignite the sales team's competitive spirit by letting them see how they fare against their peers through leaderboards, level maps, live scores, and earnings.
  • Plan better across teams and organizations with powerful, real-time insights, forecasts, and predictive analytics.

How to use

  1. The offer can be redeemed via this link:
  2. Once redirected, please fill out the demo form
  3. The offer will be applied post-successful onboarding