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Website Components and Free Integration – Limited BETA Program


Skhemata Inc.

Who is Eligible

AO Members


Developing website application code is repetitive, complex and slow. There are constant bugs, maintenance issues, and there is repetition of code for popular features being developed.

We make the web development easier and faster through next generation of re-usable full stack Web Components and REST API’s that solve specific problems, e.g. subscriptions for product, website blog cards, frequently asked questions area, etc.

We are offering our enterprise plan (free and premium web components), REST API’s as well as free website integration services through our internal development team to first 15 AO members all for our basic price @ $39.99/mo. Speed up the development of your website with Skhemata today!

How to use

Please email and send this URL link or quote this offer with your request. We will verify you are AO member. Thank you.