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10% off Tech-Based Bookkeeping


Numu Technologies

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Small Business


December 31, 2022


Focus on what you love doing, keep your bookkeeping simple. An extra 10% off the first 3 months for AO members! Gone are the days of waiting on your bookkeeper. Our tech-based bookkeeping streamlines your entire finance cycle, keeping everything simple and on-time. Each month our CPAs review your results and we send out your Month-End Package within a week. You review your interactive financial dashboard to see your business achieve its goals.

How to use

Getting started is easy.
  1. Start a quote on our website
  2. Schedule a meeting to finalize the details and find out what your fixed monthly price will be
  3. We'll get you onboarded with as little disruption to your day-to-day as possible
  4. Get back to doing what you love and leave the rest to us!
  To learn more about our tech-based bookkeeping service, visit To start a free quote and book a consultation, go to