UA Director

Carbon Counts Tech


Full time remote within a distributed team.

In the world, there are approximately:

9 million animal species
3 trillion trees
1, 000,000 mobile games
7.7 billion humans

Carbon Counts Tech is on the hunt for exceptional humans! We’re looking for a UA Director who is partial to trees, animals, games, the earth, and memorable, impactful experiences. Are you one of the humans we’re looking for? If so, you believe in the power of technology to solve problems and to make the world a better place.


Carbon Counts is an early stage, multi-country, for-profit company on a bold mission to re-green the earth. We believe in the power of people, play, community, and innovation and we are creating memorable, delightful experiences that will have a positive impact on the planet.


Your ability to analyze performance, provide insights, and proactively suggest project improvements stems from an insatiable curiosity to build amazing online experiences for players. You balance your analytical skills with strong people and leadership abilities. You are obsessed with creating authentic partnerships with key stakeholders (leadership, product, design, brand marketing) that help drive initiatives forward. You thrive in cross-functional environments where knowledge and expertise can be shared and developed. The tools and processes you’ve fine-tuned enable you to work independently and successfully bring projects across the finish line. You have exceptional presentation abilities and can succinctly and elegantly present thorough data to both technical and non-technical team members.


  • Create the user acquisition strategy, defining priority regions, recommended levels of investment, and acquisition cost targets and personally execute against the strategy.

  • Build, optimize, and scale campaigns across a variety of partners and channels (search, display, video) to efficiently drive new user acquisition.

  • Identify, explore, and prioritize new acquisition marketing and growth opportunities.

  • Manage in-game ad monetization strategy, partnering with vendors to negotiate deals and internal teams to optimize ad placements .

  • Keep daily, weekly, and monthly campaign reporting to keep the team up to speed on active campaigns for UA and ad monetization.

  • Collaborate with internal teams and external agencies to develop and test new ad creatives.

  • Ideate and execute A/B tests to continually improve campaign performance.

  • Partner with data science colleagues to deeply understand paid user engagement, LTV, and ROI.

  • Grow and develop a world class UA team within the organization as the product and portfolio grows.

Professionally, you’re an expert with hands-on experience in:

  • Building a user acquisition program from the ground up.

  • Setting up a marketing tech stack and building LTV models .

  • Running paid acquisition campaign across a variety of partners, countries, and channels (search, display, video, social, influencer).

  • Partnering with external agencies to design and optimize creative across channels and countries.

  • Managing multiple growth channels (SMS, email, notifications).

As well, you have: 

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent years of experience.

  • 4+ years of experience in performance marketing or a quantitative role (e.g., data, finance, strategy consulting) with a focus in technology, apps, mobile gaming.

  • Expertise in Excel and familiarity with SQL and data visualization tools (e.g., BigQuery, Looker, Tableau).


You’ll report directly to the Executive Producer and collaborate with the Marketing Manager to help create and personally execute campaign strategies and goals (for both organic and paid UA), while developing best-in-class standards and analysis that will ensure players around the globe discover and dive deep into our games and experiences. Eventually, you’ll help grow a dynamic and inclusive UA team, inspiring and guiding content strategists and media buyers—all grounded in shared values to develop organic campaigns that truly connect to players.


Biodiversity is the word for the varied animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, and other life forms that are connected and intertwined within an ecosystem. The more biodiversity, the stronger the ecosystem. We’re obsessed with the idea of biodiversity—for the planet, and for the team! Currently, we’re a small, mighty team with different, varied roots in different realms. Some of us have come from entertainment (think Disney). Some from game dev (think Adventure Capitalist, EA, Kabam, Activision, and Club Penguin). Some from business (think tech start-ups and Lululemon). Some from tech (think Google). Some are in conservation (think All of us are inspired by the possibility of changing the world, one moment, one laugh, one step, one community—one tree at a time. We know our players will come from all walks of life—and so do we. We’re hiring exceptional people from a wide variety of backgrounds—it’s the right thing to do and it makes Carbon Counts stronger. If you share our values and love for trees, animals, and nature, please consider applying!


  • Very competitive salary

  • Excellent employee benefits + a health and wellness spend account

  • Equity participation (you own a stake in what you’ll help make!)

  • Unlimited paid vacation

  • Remote / Work from home / Flexible hours

  • Generous training & development allowance; ongoing

How to Apply


Definitely not! If you share our mission of creating memorable, delightful experiences that will have a positive impact on the planet, we’d love to meet you and see what is possible!

If you believe you’re the human we’re looking for, contact us at: