MIS Manager



How would you explain your job to your teenaged self?  Problem solver… Coach… Someone who gets stuff done?

What about your answer to the cocktail party small talk question of “What do you do for a living?” Are you a Visionary… Connector… Strategic advisor?

Any (and all) of those are who we’re looking for.

We’ve built an incredible team and some impressive technical solutions too and are looking for our next great leader to continue the momentum.  We’re a manufacturing company, keen to harness the power of the IIoT, so you’re stepping into a broad role with unlimited opportunity to accomplish exceptional and innovative things.

As part of our Corporate Services department (reporting to the VP, Corporate Services), you collaborate with every department across our growing, global company. Your world consists of researching, recommending, planning, coordinating, directing, and designing technology related solutions to support, at times, even define, our business activities.

You’ve got depth of knowledge from formal education, impressive career experience and higher-than-average EQ to make you a trusted advisor and kind of colleague everyone gravitates to. You lead the team of help desk, software developer and business analyst folks, while also operating as the strategic advisor to our senior leadership to keep IT as a consideration influencing all critical business conversations. We’re serious about digital transformation, and your position is integral to making that possible.

Equal parts people and project manager, with a good dose of cat herder and computer geek thrown in, you’d be challenged to choose between strategy and delivery as the proudest moments in your career so far. We won’t make you choose, though, as we’ll rely on your strategic advice, and roll-up-your-sleeves “get it done” approach to make big things happen.

Highly self-motivated and self-directed with a clear sense of accountability, you tell us what needs to happen, not the other way around. Your world can be mysterious to the non-tech types, so you are an analytical, logical, solution-seeker, able to present your recommendations in a convincing way we can understand. As much as you’re patient, you’re equally decisive, a skill acquired from years in the fastest changing profession around.

What you’ll do in a day, a week, a year

  • Communicate IT-related considerations, impacts and information to senior leadership for strategic planning and budgeting decisions
  • Keep the lights on. In your world, that means keeping signals transmitting, data saving, updates updating…knowing our system infrastructure, internet and application services are reliable for our existing and future business needs.
  • Keep us safe. Oversee troubleshooting, systems backups, data archiving, security and whatever disaster recovery and preventative measures we need.
  • Customer service. Partner with and respond to everyone at all levels in our company to resolve issues, and even better, educate us to prevent issues.
  • Foster a team dynamic of curiosity, customer service, playfulness and ambition.
  • Manage assets.
  • Figure out when we need to enlist external support, and who those vendors and consultants should be.

What’s on your resume (and what your references will confirm you’re really good at):

  • 10 years of career success in technical roles, with at least 5 years of being the kind of manager others want to work with and work for
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in something related to computers (science, engineering)
  • Formal training in project management: you’ve got the theory and the practical application part down too. Book smart and street smart.
  • Predicting the future. Practically clairvoyant, you stay current on the constant changes and evolutions in the tech space, incorporating relevant information to our business strategy.
  • You keep your word and treasure your own, and your department’s reputation for delivering.
  • Expert skills with Office 365, Microsoft Server administration, SQL Server, SharePoint, Active Directory and Autodesk products


How to Apply

We want to get to know you better—what motivates you, your communication style, how you make decisions—so ask all applicants to complete this short assessment by following this link to the Predictive Index. We promise: The Predictive Index is not an aptitude test, and there are no right or wrong answers.

Please apply to careers@waterplay.com with “MIS Manager” in the subject line or via mail to:


Waterplay Solutions Corp.

805 Crowley Ave

Kelowna BC  V1Y 7G6

We’re grateful for everyone who invests time and energy to apply and we will directly contact those of you we’re keen to learn more about.