General 3D Artist

Agents of Discovery Inc.


Company description

Agents of Discovery is an education technology company dedicated to changing the way kids learn. We are a cutting-edge education technology web platform and app using the latest innovations in augmented reality and interactive education to fully engage kids in real-world contextualized education. We love to attract talented and principled team members who are passionate about creating outstanding products that are good for the world.

We are seeking a General 3D Artist to join our growing Kelowna team. The ideal applicant would be a good problem solver, a meticulous implementer of new ideas, and a dedicated team player.

Job description

The ideal candidate will be responsible for handling game art assets, as well as importing, modifying, updating, upgrading, animating, and fixing models and assets in Unity using readily available modeling software. In addition, the General 3D Artist will be responsible for creating advanced animation (which includes using VFX and particle effects).

Applicants must have excellent English verbal and written communication skills. The applicants must also have excellent problem solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills – all with a keen attention to detail. Candidates must have experience working collaboratively with other experienced developers in a team to pinpoint and address issues during development and QA cycles. Candidates should also be eager to learn new technologies, and able to adapt in a highly agile development environment. Applicants must be able to work independently and collaboratively both remotely and on-site.

Required Skills

  • Experience with working in a 3D game engine editor environment
  • Familiarity with PBR/PBS workflows (metallic and specular)
  • Experience with custom Shaders and Materials using a node based editor
  • Experience creating a variety of natural looking particle systems or special effects
  • Has optimized art assets for mobile platforms or game engines
  • Experienced with modelling, rigging, texturing, UVs, animation

Preferred Skills

  • Has worked with Agile CI/CD tools such as GitHub, Azure, and Jira
  • Worked on Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Experienced working with Blender
  • Experienced working with the Unity Game Engine
  • Created new Shaders using Unity’s Shader Graph
  • Created advanced state machines using the Unity’s Animation System (formerly known as Mecanim)
  • Experienced with Unity’s Shuriken Particle System or the VFX Graph 
  • Experienced with Unity’s addressable asset system

How to Apply

Please send a resume, along with a cover letter outlining your suitability for the position, to