Full Stack Developer/Engineer

Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association


Tourism Impact Portal Development and Maintenance Support

The BC Regional Tourism Secretariat (BCRTS) – a collaboration between the following BC regional destination management organizations: Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism Association, Kootenay Rockies Tourism Association, Northern BC Tourism Association, Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association, and Tourism Vancouver Island – is committed to supporting tourism stakeholders in British Columbia to create a more sustainable and resilient tourism sector that ensures and strengthens the wellbeing of both the host and guest communities, as well as the environments in which tourism takes place. To understand and responsibly manage today’s and tomorrow’s tourism dynamics, stakeholders depend on tourism insights that give them a detailed understanding of the sector’s economic, environmental and social impacts. The continuous tourism growth of the last decade and the sudden drop in global travel due to the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the fact that reliable, timely, regular, and precise evidence beyond the traditional economic insights is key for the sector to be able to make well-informed decisions quickly and responsibly – a requisite that is equally important for the current recovery of the sector. This is why the BCRTS has embarked on a journey to improve access to essential tourism data for all tourism stakeholders, building an open-source tourism data portal (the Tourism Impact Portal) that brings together relevant insights in a user-friendly way and encourages a more open data culture across the regions.

For the continuous extension and the maintenance of the data portal, the BCRTS is looking for a full stack developer with knowledge in Javascript (React.JS) for the front-end, as well as Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL for the back-end.

Under the responsibility of the Tourism Impact Portal Project Manager of the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA), the tasks will include: 

  • Develop new features for the data portal, including map and data visualization, using ReactJS and Mapbox
  • Develop and maintain new features for the Back-End and API, both developed on Ruby on Rails. 
  • Develop and maintain new features for the Back-Office, built on Ruby on Rails. These include data import from Excel, user and content management.
  • Deliver new features with proper quality assurance.
  • Deliver code with proper integration testing. 
  • Maintain the code in our Github repository, using Gitflow.
  • Deploy both front-end and back-end applications to our cloud (AWS) by continuous strategies.
  • Provide support with possible server infrastructure issues or maintenance. 
  • Provide advice to improve the scalability and sustainability of the application and server infrastructure, including the PostgreSQL database.

Level of Effort (Estimate): 300 hours 

  • Total of 300 hours per year (approx. 100 for maintenance and 200 for development)/avg. 25 hrs per month but may fluctuate at different times
  • Estimated development hours will be agreed upon jointly before each development phase and will depend on the new feature requirements as defined by TOTA.

What you will bring

  • Knowledge in developing open-source data platforms
  • Solid experience in working with React.JS, Ruby on Rails, and PostgreSQL.
    • Passion for good software architecture and high standards for applying this in your code
    • Attention to detail and the ability to quickly iterate on feedback
  • Good knowledge in effective and user-friendly data visualization
  • Flexibility in meeting availability as we have team members working in different time zones (EU & Canada)
  • Long-term commitment (at least 1yr.): we are looking for someone that can support the Tourism Impact Portal in the long run, knowing its infrastructure well and building relationships with team members and project partners.
  • Creativity & Solution-oriented mindset: this is a ‘first-time’ project, hence nothing similar existing. We encounter challenges regularly and need to think of solutions that fit our new context.
  • High quality and deliverables are ready at the agreed times and milestones met.
  • Be based in British Columbia, Canada, working remotely. 

What we offer:

  • Work on a pioneering project for a fast-moving industry that seeks to create high levels of positive impact
  • Home office & flexible work hours: We are output-oriented and therefore no fixed hours or in-office work is required. 

Knowledge required in:

  • Full-Stack Development
  • JavaScript
  • ReactJS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL 
  • Web Development / Responsive Web Design
  • Geographic Information Systems / Maps
  • Data visualization
  • API development
  • UX/UI design (nice to have)

How to Apply

Application should include the following: 

  • Daily or hourly rates 
  • Link to website or development portfolio
  • NOTE: During interview process we will share the frontend and backend of the website/portal.

Please submit application to Birka Valentin  impactportal@totabc.com and Kelly Galaski kelly@totabc.com