Engineering Manager

Greenspace Mental Health



Greenspace is transforming the way that mental health care is accessed, measured and delivered through innovative technology that empowers service providers and their clients with the tools and information they need to thrive. We are looking for an Engineering Manager to help support and grow our engineering team and continue to deliver best-in-class solutions for the mental health industry.

The Role

As an Engineering Manager, your role is to help create an environment where engineers can thrive in their roles and have a meaningful impact within their teams and ultimately towards our mission. You will provide hands on guidance in technical decisions, discussions and planning processes to ensure that we’re building scalable and well-designed solutions.

In this role, you will manage a team of 8-10 engineers and report directly to the CTO. You will help ensure that individuals are happy and productive in their day-to-day, and that our teams and processes are enabling us to continuously ship valuable product improvements for our customers.

What you’ll do

  • Coach your direct reports through regular 1:1s, help remove obstacles, and empower each individual to deliver high quality and impactful work.
  • Provide clear expectations, feedback and support to help each individual constantly grow.
  • Be hands on and lead by example, increasing code quality, decreasing time to market for new features, and constantly improving our tools & systems.
  • Ensure quality in technical solutions by participating in pair programming sessions, code reviews, technical design meetings, technical planning & prototyping.
  • Collaborate with other parts of the organization, including Product, Design, Sales, Marketing and Customer Success. Help balance short-term and long-term goals, set clear and realistic expectations, and work with your teams to develop strategies that deliver on those needs.
  • Maintain and evolve processes that help our teams run at full speed and continuously ship product & engineering improvements.
  • Hire and onboard new engineers, provide guidance on career development and facilitate performance reviews.
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer across teams and individuals through lunch & learns and other forums.

Key Skills

  • Software Development: Deep experience (5+ years) in full-stack application development, including front-end, back-end, APIs, devops and infrastructure. Mobile experience is a plus.
  • Leadership: Experience hiring, coaching and leading a team of software engineers.
  • System design: Proficient at designing engineering systems, including databases, web servers, job queues, client-side architecture, and integrations with external systems. Experience with horizontal scaling, designing fault-tolerant systems, system health monitoring, and performance optimization.
  • Code quality: Ability to write clean, well-designed and maintainable code in a large codebase. Understanding of different types of testing required to ensure high code quality and prevent regressions. Strong grasp of object-oriented programming and other software patterns.
  • Engineering Processes: Comfortable implementing and iterating on engineering team processes and best practices in software delivery, compliance, privacy & security, reliability, etc. Strong knowledge of agile development methodologies like scrum and kanban.
  • Tech Stack: Fluent in modern web languages and frameworks and able to quickly ramp up in our tech stack: python, javascript, typescript, Django, react.js, gatsby, graphQL, Flutter, PostgreSQL, Redis, AWS.
  • Communication: Natural communication and ability to interface with our users and collaborate internally across functions.
  • Growth mindset: Always hungry to keep improving yourself, our products, teams and processes in a scaling organization.

About Greenspace

Born out of St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Greenspace was founded to fill a gap between the proven benefits of measurement-based care in research and its actual implementation in practice. Since then, we’ve worked to break down barriers to implementation and empower organizations to use data to inform treatment decisions and drastically improve the quality of mental health care across North America. Our solutions include:

Measurement Based Care Platform: Enables mental health providers and organizations to implement consistent evidence-based measurement into their practice and use it to inform the treatment process.

Intake Module: A flexible intake solution that facilitates a more effective referral into mental health and addictions services and allows for prioritization of care for those who need it most.

Population Health Module: A patient-facing solution that provides mental health support directly to individuals through a wellness portal, giving users the ability to track and engage with their own progress and take more ownership over their care decisions. We recently helped develop and launch Wellness Together Canada – a major initiative funded by Health Canada to provide virtual mental health and substance use support for all Canadians through COVID-19.

Our Culture

We are a startup, which means that you will have significant responsibility and an opportunity to play a pivotal role in the development and growth of our solutions. We are passionate about improving the quality of mental health care and improving the lives of millions of people. We believe in a collaborative work environment where everyone’s view carries equal weight. Good ideas are good ideas and it doesn’t matter whether they come from the CEO or the newest employee. Learn more about our culture on our website.


We believe that diversity makes our organization stronger and we are committed to being an equal opportunity employer. Greenspace recruits, employs, trains, compensates and promotes employees regardless of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.


  • Healthy work/life balance – we recognize that building a startup is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Tight-knit collaborative work environment where we work in teams rather than siloed individuals.
  • Flexible hybrid-remote environment with physical hubs in Kelowna, Vancouver and Toronto.
  • Ongoing mentorship, coaching and personal development opportunities from experienced team members or external resources.
  • Generous vacation and comprehensive benefits package, including paid parental leave.

How to Apply

Please apply through our job board.