Ecommerce, Drupal Website Developer

Acro Commerce.


**Drupal Experience Required**

If you want to work with an exceptional group of people, with numerous benefits, like the chance to work remotely within Canada, and a terrific corporate culture—you are on the right page.

Acro Commerce is looking for a Drupal E-commerce website Developer to develop Drupal 8 and Commerce builds. Someone who can code like it’s their native tongue but still talk to our crew comfortably and sometimes even the odd client. In order to apply for this position you must be able to live and work, legally in Canada.

We consider ourselves a laid-back bunch but driven to do well for our customers. We’re looking for low egos and high skills. You can be young and inexperienced or a savvy veteran, what we’re really looking for is your ability to code, which may be finely honed skill or raw talent at this point.

We aren’t looking to stick you in a corner with headphones on and call you “the IT department”. Developers own this joint; we get it. If you’re desperate to break free from that office life where you co-workers have never even heard of Minecraft, and want to come on board to build kick-ass commerce sites, corporate gems, and the occasional game, keep reading.

As the successful candidate, here are some things you’ll be responsible for:

  • Must have Drupal Experience and be able to provide example work
  • Producing high quality work adhering to Acro Commerce standards and following the Acro Commerce production process
  • Implementing updates & revisions to web sites
  • Contributing code back to the Drupal community, testing and responding to issues, maintaining modules.
  • Working independently on multiple smaller tasks or larger builds with shifting priorities and tight deadlines
  • Adhering to and providing accurate estimates for the amount of time required to repair a defect, a build, or to add additional functionality to an existing application
  • Providing efficient solutions in a timely manner for work requests, issues, and defects
  • Communicating well with Account Managers, Supervisors, and Clients in regards to work requests, problems and defects
  • Acting as both a peer/mentor to other Developers as well as be comfortable asking for help from team members

The successful applicant will have:

  • Ability to find and fix problems in code, this might not be your code and your only hint might be a cryptic complaint from a client.
  • A good mix of web development skills, you should be able to build out site template and then code all the gears and pulleys behind the scenes as well, we try not to have people who do all HTML/CSS and people who do all backend coding, we like people who can multi-class. You’re not going to work on the same thing for 8 months. If you only have experience on embedded systems or just design sexy layouts, maybe try to brush up on your weaker areas, we are open minded though so don’t let this scare you away.
  • Our designers use Photoshop, so when you’re building out the templates, it’s good to know how to navigate around this application. Basic knowledge of how layers work, and the use of some the more important tools that are required for taking apart the design and deriving all the images for web-use is a plus.
  • We’re open to good programmers who know other languages and technologies and are willing to learn, but below is a list of a bunch of stuff we normally work with:
  • Has Drupal work to send us
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • CSS3/HTML5
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • XML
  • Bonus: C++/Objective C/C#/C
  • If you know other languages don’t forget to mention them, if you are a badass Lisp hacker type, mention that.
  • Comfortable working in a Linux shell to do day-to-day tasks. Hopefully, you have installed Linux on something at least once, even if it was just your Xbox, phone…or vacuum etc. (For real though, you can get Linux installed on a Roomba)
  • Some understanding of Linux hosting if at all possible. Have you configured your own server? Did you setup a web server for your house or friends, even if no one else really cared?
  • Prior experience with a source control system (ex, SVN, Git, GitHub, etc.)
  • Has Drupal work to send us
  • Formal education or prior experience is NOT required, we just want to know that you can code, so you’ll have to have some work you can show us.
  • Fluency in English
  • All offers of employment with Acro Commerce are contingent upon the candidate having successfully completed a criminal background check.

Here are some things we pride ourselves on being able to offer our staff:

  • Flex start times & Earned days off:  Do you prefer to start at 8:00? or 9:00? We’ll work with you. Want every second Friday off? Well, we’ve got a program for that too!
  • Remote work: Flexibility is one of our core values, and so we understand that productivity is influenced by a healthy, rested mind. Each position at Acro Commerce can be done from the comfort of your home office, if you like, or if you would prefer to work from our Kelowna office, you can do that too, it’s a personal choice! Please note some of our client contracts require staff to be located in Canada, so while remote work is available, most positions require you to legally be able to work within Canada.
  • Free stuff: If you prefer to work from our office HQ, located in Kelowna, we have the added extra of juice, pop, snacks, and coffee; choose your pleasure and enjoy.
  • Slappies: Tougher to explain but once a month we get together and have a little ceremony, some food, and a laugh – no altars or corporate chants involved.
  • Fun day: We aim to have fun every day; however, every year for a day we cram a bunch of fun on ourselves. Weee!
  • SPARC Events: Sometimes we have a virtual happy hour, team building events, (less corny than it sounds), competitions, or just a plain little reward for no reason. It’s a little spark in our usually normal days. Warning, we sometimes make you wear costumes.
  • Professional development and remuneration structure: We might live and breathe software development, but we are also really passionate about our team’s personal development too. We love to learn, and are always striving to be the best version of ourselves; whether it’s training on the latest technology, or learning how to become a better delegator, we will help you improve your skills and hit your goals. We’ve revolutionized our remuneration structure, combining a tiered system with a skills matrix to empower your career growth. This innovative approach ensures that your compensation is directly tied to your skills and achievements, allowing you to chart your path to success. As you develop new abilities and reach milestones, you’ll advance through tiers and earn competitive rewards. Our transparent and merit-based system recognizes and rewards your dedication and growth potential, creating a dynamic and motivating work environment that encourages continuous learning and development.
  • Culture: We’re a certain type of people. We’re all a little different and unique in our own way but we seem to work well together. No one’s perfect and we embrace that. We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Check out our site to get to know us! Feel free to dissect what and how we do what we do.
  • Employee stipend: Eligible employees can access an employee stipend account after their first day of employment! This account allows our team members to purchase hardware, software, and training courses, it even allows for RRSP matching!

All careers come with a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you are in any way unsatisfied with your career, we will return you to the workforce at absolutely NO COST to you (minus shipping and handling).

Compensation: $117,000

Location: Acro Media Inc DBA Acro Commerce, #103 2303 Leckie Road, V1X 6Y5, Kelowna

Benefits: Provincial Medical Coverage – BC Medical Services Plan premiums are covered at 100%. Extended benefits are offered after day one.

Working Conditions: Office environment/Remote work available

Period of employment: Permanent (minimum 2 years)

How to Apply

For more details on this position and to apply via our online application form here!