C# Developer / Human Performance Data Analyst

VO2 Master Health Sensors Inc.


We at VO2 Master need help on the reporting, data manipulation, and UI-side of our product offerings. 

Location: preferred in-person at the office but would consider remote work for the right candidate. Ideally a candidate with 4-5 years’ experience. Salary:70-100k/yr + benefits + 2 weeks vacation.



  • “Common” code library written in C#: Maintain and improve upon the PDF reports for the phone app and website. Prototype and validate new report metrics. Update PDF layouts to include updated information. A PDF report template is produced for each kind of exercise protocol employed by the end-user {Step Test, Intervals, 5-1-5, Resting, Free}. Going forward more protocols may be added.
  • “Parse” C# WPF desktop software for internal data collection. It’s a graphing, data logging, and data manipulation tool used internally by engineers. This tool is also where the Common library PDF report changes are prototyped and validated, for release in the phone app. Applicant will maintain this code base and add changes based on engineering needs and feedback.
  • “VO2 Master Manager” phone app written in Xamarin.Forms C# for Android and iOS: UI data representation changes and data manipulation-focused development.
  • “VO2 Master Cloud”  web platform written in JS and C#. Depending on the skillset of the successful applicant, implement “Common” library PDF report changes and make UI updates.

How to Apply

Send email to peter@vo2master.com