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Position Title:

Associate Director, Data Analytics and Reporting

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IT Services


Institutional Research Office



Flexible Work Options:

Any Okanagan College Location, Eligible for Hybrid Work

Your Opportunity:

Under the direction of the College Information Officer (CIO), the Associate Director of Data Analytics and Reporting at Okanagan College is a key position and is central to steering the college towards an advanced data-driven framework. The role entails comprehensive management and oversight of data collection, analytics, and reporting processes, delivering essential insights into critical areas such as labor market trends, student enrollment, academic performance, and operational efficiency.

The Associate Director leads a specialized team and collaborates with cross-functional groups and data governance committees to ensure the smooth integration of data processes across the institution. This role is responsible for the design, implementation, and refinement of data standards, methodologies, and practices, ensuring the accuracy, reliability, and quality of information.

Keeping pace with the latest industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies is a critical aspect of this position, contributing to the ongoing enhancement of Okanagan College’s data strategies. The Associate Director of Analytics and Reporting plays a crucial role in cultivating a culture of informed decision-making and heightened operational efficiency, pivotal to the college’s growth and success.

Education and Experience:

Master’s degree in data science, statistical analysis, computer science, or a related discipline. Five to eight years of progressively responsible experience in data, analytics, research, and reporting. Strong leadership, communication, interpersonal, technical and project management skills. A combination of experience and education may be considered.

Functions and Duties:

1. Strategic Leadership and Data Management:
  • Lead the development and implementation of a comprehensive data, analytics, and reporting strategy in line with Okanagan College’s strategic plans.
  • Provide reports and analysis to support decision-making and contribute to overall planning efforts.
  • Collaborate with senior leadership to shape key performance indicators (KPIs) for student enrollment, academic performance, and operational effectiveness.
  • Oversee the collection, organization, and maintenance of institutional data, ensuring accuracy and integrity.
  • Develop and lead data governance groups and policies for effective data use.
  • Implement best practices in data quality assurance, fostering a culture of data stewardship.
2. Compliance, Reporting, and Research:
  • Manage provincial accountability reporting, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards. Reporting includes: Institutional Annual Accountability Plans and Reports (IAPR), Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) enrolment reports, the Central Data Warehouse (CDW), and ITA Foundation submissions.
  • Prepare and submit reports to external agencies, addressing data-related issues with other departments.
  • Conduct in-depth institutional research and analysis for evidence-based decision-making.
  • Utilize statistical methodologies and data visualization for clear presentation of complex information.
  • Generate regular and ad-hoc reports to inform stakeholders about key trends and opportunities.
3. Technology Utilization and Continuous Improvement:
  • Stay updated with emerging technologies and tools in data analytics and reporting.
  • Evaluate and recommend software solutions to enhance data capabilities.
  • Provide staff training on data-related tools and technologies.
  • Assess and enhance the effectiveness of team services, leading initiatives for service improvement.
  • Stay current with best practices in institutional research and data analytics.
4. Collaboration, Communication, and Team Development:
  • Develop effective working relationships at various levels, including provincial, national, and international engagements.
  • Represent Okanagan College on committees and collaborate with academic and administrative departments.
  • Communicate findings effectively to diverse audiences, including senior leadership and faculty.
  • Manages the Analytics and Reporting team, including assignment of duties, health and safety, orientation, training and staff development, recognition and reward, performance management and evaluation, scheduling, prioritization of work requirements and, completes recruitment and selection, as well as disciplinary action, as required.
  • Leads, guides and motivates staff in maintaining high performance standards and customer satisfaction levels
  • Foster a collaborative, high-performing, and inclusive team culture that encourages innovation, professional growth, and knowledge sharing.
  • Provide ongoing training and professional development opportunities to enhance the team’s expertise in research methodologies and data analytics.
  • Provides mentoring of overall staff by establishing a respectful working environment, developing succession planning, coaching, and encouraging high ethical standards and teamwork.
5. Performs other duties as assigned.


Skills and Abilities:

  • Demonstrated ability to provide leadership to a diverse team and interact comfortably with a variety of disciplines at all levels of the organization and to clearly present a message to a variety of audiences
  • Detailed understanding of the function, process, and integration of information technology in a post-secondary environment, with excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Demonstrated ability to develop, implement and deliver education and training programs/initiatives
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and implement projects, programs, plans, and change management theory
  • Demonstrated strong facilitation and negotiation skills
  • Demonstrates expertise in utilizing a range of data analysis tools and software, such as SQL, Python, R, Tableau, Power BI, etc., for handling complex data sets and performing advanced data analysis tasks.
  • Utilizes data-driven insights to inform strategic decisions and provide actionable recommendations. Capable of interpreting complex data within the context of the educational sector to guide and influence institutional strategy.
  • Possesses a deep understanding of data privacy laws and regulations, coupled with experience in managing data security risks. Ensures that the college’s data practices are compliant with legal, ethical, and security standards.
  • Displays a high degree of adaptability and agility in learning, with the ability to quickly embrace new challenges, technologies, or methodologies. Stays informed about the latest trends in data analytics, educational technology, and regulatory changes, ensuring the college remains at the forefront of data-driven practices.


Appointment Type:

Exempt – Continuing Full-time

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Annual Salary/Hourly Rate:

Range $96,164 – $128,219. Typical hiring range $115,398 – $128,219

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