Introducing Member-to-Member Perks

Blog November 22, 2021

Posted by Alex Goodhew

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Businesses join Accelerate Okanagan’s Membership to connect and collaborate with the #OKGNtech community. Whether it’s through resource sharing, discounts on services and events, or finding new clients, it’s clear that our local businesses want to see others the community succeed.

If your business has been on an Accelerate Okanagan program like VAP or RevUP, you know there are a lot of extra perks to take advantage of, like hotel discounts and credits to Amazon Web Services. Well, we want to open access to those perks to ALL of our Accelerate Okanagan members. That’s why we’re officially introducing the new Member-to-Member Perks Platform.

Become a member

Through the new platform on our website, companies that are a part of our membership, will now be able to share and access perks offered by Accelerate Okanagan as well as members and partners. This is an opportunity to promote your services, access discounts, and connect with local businesses.

Here’s how it works:

Accessing Perks

Once you’ve logged in to the Accelerate Okanagan website, the Perks Platform can be accessed through the Member Dashboard. You can peruse available perks posted by members and find instructions on how to access them. Each perk may have different requirements and steps on how to use them, so be sure to click on the perks to learn more.

Sharing a Perk

When you are logged in as a paid-member, you can access From the Member Dashboard, you can use the menu to Post a Perk. When selected, you will be presented with a form where you can input all the relevant information about the perk you wish to share. Once you’re finished, you can publish the perk and it will be live on the platform for all Accelerate Okanagan members to use.

PRO-TIP: In the form, you will have the opportunity to share a customized image. If you choose not to add an image, it will default to using the company logo on your profile.

Managing Your Perks

You can add and update the perks your business offers at any time. To do this, in the menu on the Member Dashboard, you will see the option to ‘Manage Perks”. From there, you can see all of your active and archived perks and then make any edits to them that you wish.

Pretty exciting, right?! We thought so. If you have any questions about using the new platform or other benefits of membership with Accelerate Okanagan, we’d love to chat. Connect with us at any time or sign up for a membership.

PS. Not sure if your company is already an Accelerate Okanagan Member? Check the Member Directory.



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