Come Together to Address Climate Change Through a Single-Day Event

Blog October 21, 2021

Posted by Alex Goodhew

Come Together to Address Climate Change Through a Single-Day Event Featured Image

Passionate about building climate solutions? We’ve got an event you won’t want to miss.

On Thursday, November 25th, we will be hosting the Zero Waste Valley Climate Hackathon. Community members are invited to attend and will explore innovative solutions and business models around the vision of eliminating waste from the Okanagan Valley.

Climate change has proven to be an unpredictable disruptor to both individuals and businesses alike. That’s why we need to have critical conversations and take action for the health of our climate. The world has never needed as much creativity and innovation as it does now — nor as much collaboration across industry, academia, and all levels of government.

Working with the support of the Okanagan Sustainable Leadership Council, we’ve developed our theme and challenge statement around Climate Action and Zero Waste. Together, alongside our sponsors, we want to find practical and innovative solutions to this global challenge.

How might we accelerate
our region to become a
Zero Waste Valley by 2030?

“Zero waste” refers to utilizing or reducing the organic and inorganic waste currently being burned or buried in our landfills and turning it into commercially viable products. Zero waste initiatives have the potential to turn our waste into valuable resources that can save money, create jobs, and add to the economy in our region.

In previous years, we’ve rallied the community around big challenges like reducing cancer and talent development for the Okanagan. These hackathon events give the community a chance to participate in something truly unique: coming together to solve a systemic problem through a single-day event.

Our hackathons are all about collaboration, ideation, and creating new connections in the community. Teams will be formed, introduced to the process, and get hacking. Solutions and prototypes can come alive in a matter of hours using a process called Design Thinking. We have seen the most success at hackathons when the makeup of the teams is diverse in skill sets and backgrounds. Having multiple perspectives to consider is key when using Design Thinking.


You don’t have to be a developer or know how to code to participate. This experience is open to all who are wanting to learn to create an innovative mindset. If you want to participate but are not sure if you can take a full day away from work, consider these benefits we’ve highlighted.

Ready to get involved?

The 2021 Hackathon is a full-day event that will have you working closely with your teammates and mentors. At the end of the event, you will pitch your business during a public event to a panel of judges. Think your team can take home the prize?


The culmination of the 2021 Climate Hackathon will invite members of the community to hear from a keynote speaker and hear the participating team’s pitches. Attendees will have the chance to vote for their favourite pitch before a winner is selected from our panel of judges.

To allow for the safety and accessibility of the Climate Hackathon, events and activities will take place virtually. We hope you will join us!

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